The Wizard's College was a gathering place of those magically inclined to come together from all fields to share their knowledge and train the next generation of magic users. Every school of magic had its own wing. This is the place where Vernon Ersatz, current co-founder of the new Wizard's College, found his start. After a short time living there, an evil demon named Aku, the shape-shifting Master of Darkness, took over the college. He offered Vernon and his party great glory, power, and fame if they were to join him and most did accept this offer including Vernon. It was only after Vernon and the others' distrust of Aku grew too great that they decided that they must try to remove Aku from his seat of power. With the help of the Silver Hand and some brave adventurers, Aku and the college were trapped in another dimension. The college's old structure was completely taken with nothing left in the Material Plane.