Vaarion was a simple Aasimar Cleric who praised Pelor. In all his actions and deeds, Vaarion would look to Pelor for the answer. During his travels, he met many adventurers, but none would he consider more his comrade than Dranix Dark who led his final adventuring group. This group would travel the lands in search of quests to complete and tales to be made.

The life of Vaarion took a turn however, when the group's travels took them to the land of Dranix's order, the Silver Hand. It was here that Vaarion had a horrible realization fall upon him. In an instant, Vaarion lost all feeling of power that he held. No more could he create water from air or heal the simplest of wounds. He feared his god dead. Distraught over this loss, he went on to drown his sorrows in beer for a short time until he finally reached a state of pure apathy. It was in this time that another revelation would fall upon the ears of Vaarion.

St. Cuthbert called upon Vaarion to rise from his sorrowful state and to find the heir of Pelor. Renewed by a new motivation in life, Vaarion accepted his quest and began to pray to Cuthbert for power. At the request of the Silver Hand, Vaarion and the adventuring group delved into another realm to destroy a powerful evil. It was in this evil's personal sanctuary where they succeeded. After inspecting the area, the group found a special place that would answer one question, but only in terms that would guide the asker to an answer. It was here where Vaarion gained his first lead as to where his quest led him.

His search and information led him to a small city. It was there that, after searching for information, Vaarion found a simple graveyard. In it, there was a softly glowing headstone. As he approached, the light grew stronger. Just before Vaarion reached the stone, the light began to hover into the air. A strong, familiar voice began to speak inside Vaarion's head. What was said may be lost forever, but from the recollection of Vaarion's companions, the light enveloped Vaarion's form transforming him into a shining figure of pure radiance. Then he was gone.

Shortly after this occurred, priests of Pelor began to feel a revival from their diety. It seemed that Pelor had returned. No one is sure what or how it happened, but the priests of Pelor can only confirm that the warmth of Pelor's rays shine upon them all, though they do feel as if something has changed. Not for the worse, just slightly different. Not bad, just not the same.