The Southern Realm is the southern region of the Aku empire, previously known as the Northern Empire. It is commonly referred to as the Borderlands due to it being the primary battleground during the war and now being the focal point of the tension between the civilized nations and the ensuing chaos of the Aku continent. It has been put under the governance of a regent until order has been fully restored and a permanent government can be put in place. The region is subdivied into three spheres of influence each under the direction of a city. The western region is the supply center of raw materials and is under the control of Fiefdom, on the Northern Divide mountain range. The southest is the breadbasket of the whole western continent as well as the trade center of the Borderlands. Arcanum controls this region. The Northeast portion is the smallest subregion and is controlled by Solaris. This region had the worst of the war and its aftermath. It also borders the Northern realm, the continent Aku. Therefore, this region needs more focus to maintain order.