Aku is the northern continent of the the main landmass of the world. It is the area of what was the northern realm of the old empire, which became the Aku empire in recent times. After the War of Darkness, the land was split into the chaotic, northern realm where the remaining demons still traverse the land and the southern realm where most of the conflict occurred. This northern area is now the site of political conflict. Five groups control areas of influence within the continent. the two major powers are Capitol and Union. Capital, in the northwest, wants to reforge the old empire under the rule of the rightful heir. Union rules the southeast and also wants to recreate the empire, but wants a ruling Senate of governors of each major city. The Wizard's College controls the area in the center of the continent and has a neutral stance on the current state of affairs. The Dwarves to the Northeast want to secede from the empire altogether. The final region is the war-torn region bordering the southern realm, which is where many demons still roam the countryside. The absolute southern-most border is dominated by two walls, the demon wall on the north side and the Divine Shield on the south. Both walls extend from one sea to the other, covering the whole expanse of connection between the northern and southern realms. There is a ten mile no-man's-land between the walls.

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